Time Off – One Area Focus

Last week I took l took the week off from most of my habit improvement work. Oh no failure!!!  This was for me a concusions decision.  I was spending family time on a vacation.  We tended to a lot of learning and walking as well as spending time together and I simply chose to not record my days or worry about the skills I haven’t improved. 

Maybe it would have been ok to still record stuff. Maybe I would have kept improving a couple habits along the way.  To me it was ok to skip a week.  Maybe next vacation I will try to do it a little and see what happens. 

Most importantly the return leg of the trip provided some solid relaxation and I am back at work today.  To me that is pretty important.  Often doing this sort of thing I will miss a bit and not get back to the tasked at all. Probably because I was annoyed about ‘failing’ for a week.  So consider that if you miss some time for one reason or another.  :)

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